How to Treat Acne, Acne Scars Pimples Expert advice & Nutrition Tips

 At some point when we were all teenagers, we've all suffered from acne or at least have been scared of acne so today we are going to sit down and deal with acne and see that it's not such a great problem that it's not beatable is one of the most psychologically distressing common problems which all of us become faced at some point in our life. 

what specifically is acne and how does it happen:

we all have to appendages on the skin and one of the appendages is your oil glands or the sebaceous gland the sebaceous glands like a little tunnel at the bottom where the sebaceous the sebum or sebaceous secretions are secreted and then it comes out through a hole called the skin pore.

Then it looks to you like a whitehead or a coma dome when that oxidizes because there is a small little aperture on top it becomes a blackhead and a Commodore again when this secretion inside gets infected with bacteria that's when it turns to a pimple or acne some of y'all at the age of 20 25 must bestill wondering why do you keep getting acne or pimples or zits the same spot and repeatedly you sometimes see a lot of zits all over the forehead and caused by the mould.

 This is a fungus that often occurs on the skin as well on the scalp and it tends to overgrow in times of humidity or stress and it migrates down onto the forehead and along the hairline margin and this is called Pretorius program folliculitis very rarely some people get deep pimples or deep zits under the eyebrow or between the eyebrows and that is a because of stress and B if they've had too many sugars in their diet so stay away from refined foods.

 Next, we come to the Nose:

 The nose most prominent area on the face now this sometimes you will see just general redness and occasionally this redness spills over onto the cheeks or sometimes you may get some zits or some pimples on the nose and this is an entity called rosacea.this happens due to acid in the stomach for the second time, sometimes people have a lot of rashes on the cheeks and small red spots continue to get and that can be due to too much sunlight say at the age of 20 or 22 with only black and whiteheads.

This is because of application of comedogenic creams or makeup which has not agreed with their skin and this goes by the name of acne cosmetic a-- people on the chain getting loves its and on along the jawline and some people just explored one week before the period and this is hormonal acne and this is almost akin to PMS that is premenstrual syndrome rare abnormality of the thyroid also can give rise to these deep zits along the jawline and the chin.

what causes acne it could be a condition or it could be a food certain conditions:

 we have hormonal imbalances one of them is insulin resistance so if our teenager or any adult has high insulin levels they tend to get more acne because if they have sugary starchy food so that produces extra insulin which produces, in turn, the poor clogging sense which causes active your thyroids may malfunctioning and therefore your skin could be very oily or very dry and then leads to acne it could be your polycystic ovary syndrome

 Which One Of The Most Popular Things Happening Today:

 which means to say your ovaries are getting cystic and therefore they are producing extra hormones female as well as male if you are obese if you have put on some weight the female hormone which is produced is again peripherally converted into testosterone in the peripheral fatso if you don't keep your skin really cleaning that itself can cause the oil to kind of settle there it to clog further and therefore cause an infected pustule which is acne also it could be hormones released during stress whether it is physical stress or mental stress.

 Which again can cause Acne:

 if you have applied too much makeup too much change in your surrounding too much of dust too much of pollution anything in the extreme can make the skin react to an abnormal way whether it could be excessive oil secretion or then that again clogs create acne so all oily skin ends up with a rash and not.

 if you have oily skin and if you know how to take care of it in terms of using:

 The right face wash in terms of using the right lotions and potions to your skin it may not really end up having acne on it all you have to do is wash your hair twice or three times a week with an anti-dandruff shampoo stay away from too many sugars and stop applying any applications like greasy applications on the scalp because this is not agreeing with you and this is promoting the overgrowth of this PTRoseboro use a mild face wash use a sunscreen topical application of metronidazole and colic acid helps the redness and helps and prevents.

 The pimples of forming on the nose it can occur because of stress sunlight spicy food drink too much from alcohol and the three C's Coffee cheese chocolates stay away from all these factors and you are going to clear your nose if people who are getting this recurrent anything they apply on the face the cream should say non-comedogenic and yes you do get creams saying non-comedogenic you do get makeup saying non-comedogenic and stay away from creamy cosmetics and you can use liquid or lotions but there are certain food which will help you if you regularly include in your diet for your acne problem so there are two vitamins and the two minerals which especially helped the introduction minerals.

 We have selenium and zinc and in vitamins, e have vitamin E and C so what are the sources of selenium is present in onion garlic and whole-grain food zinc is abundant in seafood laughs spinach mushroom and pumpkin so make sure you include those foods in your diet then we come to vitamins vitamin E and C foods which are rich in vitamin E our green leafy vegetables nuts especially almonds tofu and fish vitamin C is abundant in tomatoes Amla berries like strawberry and oranges.

How to Treat Acne, Acne Scars Pimples Expert advice & Nutrition Tips

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